Please understand that Moocooboola is a Community Festival. The below will give you more information about how everything works. Should you have any questions, please get in touch!

How to book?

  • Simply go to the Stall holder form page to download a form, fill out the form and send it back to us with your payment. We are unable to accept your application until the payment has been processed – the form already functions as a tax invoice.  Hunter’s Hill Council reserves the right to select stalls and non selected stalls will receive a refund, or have their cheque returned.
  • After the closing date, Friday 5 July 2019, we will make a final selection of accepted stalls. We will then mail out notifications which will include your stall number and location, arrival time and a detailed map.

Are tents provided?

  • When you apply for a stall, you are applying for a site only. You will need to provide whatever you want for your stall e.g. table, chairs, clothing racks tent etc. You can hire trestle tables and fete stalls through us and the paperwork gives you the opportunity to do so.

Refund policy

  • Please note however that there are no refunds of selected stall fees under any circumstance. Moocooboola has a “No Refund” policy. This includes anything preventing you from coming whether planned or unplanned as well as cancellation of the event due to inclement weather. Hunter’s Hill Council takes no responsibility for inclement weather or crowd participation. Council reserves the right to cancel the event due to inclement weather and/or due to unsafe conditions.
  • A back up venue has been mapped out for the event in north Boronia Park and surrounding streets- however this venue will only be used should conditions be favourable and safe.

Stallholder Terms and Conditions (Moocooboola is a non-smoking event)

  • Please take the time to read the following very closely.
  • All vendors can only sell the products that are stated on their application form and that have been confirmed by Hunter’s Hill Council.
  • Applications will only be considered if a completed application form, full payment and a copy of your Public Liability Insurance and Food Safety Supervisor certificate are received by due date. (Unincorporated groups please contact Hunter’s Hill Council)
  • Vendors are expected to keep Hunter’s Hill Council updated with their contact details; stall allocations will be posted closer to the event and we need your correct address to do this.
  • Failure to comply with these terms and conditions may result in the closure of your stall – no refund will be available if your stall is closed.
  • While preference will usually be given to previous stallholders, there is no guarantee of the exact stall site and no correspondence will be entered into about selection. Preference will be given to products of quality, and only a limited numbers of stalls selling cheap and or imported products will be selected.
  • Council reserves the right to refuse any application that it believes will not reflect the spirit of the community and Moocooboola. (Council Policy No. 12)
    The location and allocation of stalls is at the absolute discretion of the event organisers. Particular care, courtesy and consideration are expected of each Vendor while setting up and packing down.

Stall Bump-in and Bump-out

  • Stallholders must follow the direction of stall marshals at all times. If you fail to follow the direction of marshals, are rude, do not adhere to the below conditions, in particular ones relating to safety, you will not be invited back and /or your stall may be closed on the day. This is a highly successful Community Festival and we expect all involved to attend with that spirit.
  • The Festival site is a Car Free Zone during operational hours (9.30am-4.00pm). No cars can be brought onto the Festival site after 9.00am and prior to approximately 5.00pm or until the Ovals have been satisfactorily cleared and deemed safe to enter by the Event Coordinator.
  • Stallholders must arrive at the designated time to allow for a smooth setup.
    Food vans cannot move until after 5.00pm. All heavy vehicles (including vans) must have a person guiding at the front and rear at all times when being moved. We ask for your patience at the end of the day.
  • If you would like to leave the site immediately at close and cannot walk your equipment and products off site then please do not apply for a stall.
  • Harassment of Council staff will not be tolerated and may result in a ban for the next year.
  • The Festival site, outside of operational hours is a strictly 10km per hour shared zone. All cars must be removed from the festival site once you have unloaded in the morning to allow space for others.
  • Our concern with vehicles is the safety of you and all festival attendees, and we sincerely ask for your patience and understanding during bump in and out.

Stall set-up

  • Accepted stalls will be sent their site allocation No., a Festival site map and a designated time of arrival in the post. Under no circumstance are stalls to extend signage, racks and other fixtures out in front of their stall. If you are unable to set up due lack of space this will be your liability and no refunds issued.
  • Tents and umbrellas must be weighed down with suitable weights at all times. It is the stall holders’ responsibility to keep the tent/umbrella from blowing or falling over while at the event. Any damage or injury is the sole responsibility of the stall holder.


  • Moocooboola Festival will only be cancelled due to severe weather (including on-the-day or in the lead up to the event where weather has caused the ovals to be deemed unsafe), and at the discretion of Hunter’s Hill Council. Moocooboola will continue with mild rain conditions. There will be no refund if abandoned.
  • All vendor stalls and contents are to be adequately secured against wind and for wet weather.
  • All care must be taken when putting tents down in severe weather, particularly with high winds. If there is lightning, do not take down tents, walk with poles or leave umbrellas up.
  • Vendors should consider wearing sunscreen and hat as well as enclosed shoes.

    Payments and Refunds

  • Payments must be made in full at time of application. Cheques or money orders must be made out to ‘Hunter’s Hill Council’. Under no circumstances will refunds be available to selected vendors once payment has been receipted.
  • Hunter’s Hill Council takes no responsibility for inclement weather or crowd participation. Council reserves the right to cancel the event due to inclement weather and/or due to unsafe conditions.


  • North Boronia Park will be a paid parking area with any monies raised on the day going to the designated community group running the car park.
  • There is plenty of street parking surrounding the Festival but please be aware that any signposted, changed parking and traffic conditions will be enforced by the Rangers.

Waste and the Environment

  • Moocooboola is promoted as a “green” festival which is one of the draw cards for this special community event.
  • All vendors MUST comply with the Special Event Environmental Impact Policy. This Policy has been developed to reduce the waste impact of this large special event. Failure to comply may result in the closure of your stall on the Festival day and/or a ban on attendance at future Hunters Hill events.
  • A cleaning fee of $400 will be charged for any waste left behind on your site. Excess waste is to be taken away by you. The bins in the general access area on the Festival site are provided for the use of patrons only. Stallholders will be provided with access to a limited number of bins. Hunter’s Hill Council will provide three kinds of bins:
    • Yellow bin for recycling
    • Blue bin for cardboard/paper
    • Red bin for general waste

Special Events Environmental Impact Policy

  • Hunter’s Hill Council has in place a Sustainability Plan, which aims to reduce the waste produced and energy consumed within the LGA. A requirement from the Office of Environment and Heritage is that Hunter’s Hill Council develops and implements a Sustainable Event Management policy. This includes Council Events and Functions. This ensures that Council operations have minimal impact on the environment and set an example to the community. Stallholders must follow the following policy.
  • Council will monitor the management of waste throughout the day to make sure no problems occur. Festival staff will also monitor and provide education material to ensure stall holders understand what goes in which bin, on the day to ensure that waste guidelines are in place.

Pollution and waste reduction according to the above mentioned policy:

  • All food-ware used at the festival must be reusable, biodegradable or recyclable.
  • Plastic and polystyrene products and packaging; including drinking cups, food containers, drinking straws and stirrers, cutlery, plates etc. must NOT be used or distributed at events.
  • Take-away coffee cups MUST be recyclable
  • Balloons are NOT to be used, given away or released during events (see Prohibited Items list for details).
  • Plastic bags are NOT to be used / given away during events. Showbags must be paper or cloth.
  • Any products sold or distributed must use reusable, or comprised of biodegradable or recyclable material.
  • Single-use plastic items are prohibited at events.
  • If stall holders propose to distribute paper cups, manufacturer details must be provided prior to the event (and stallholder approval) to ensure that the product is recyclable.
  • No single use sachets are to be distributed at events e.g. tomato sauce, sugar sachets, salt and pepper sachets, sunscreen sachets or giveaways products such as shampoo sachets.

Prohibited items

  • Products that may not be sold at Moocooboola include live birds or animals, fakes or copies of designer brand name goods, weapons, items associated with the illegal use of drugs, or other items that the festival management may consider unsuitable for the market.
  • No political stalls or advertising are allowed at the event
  • No alcohol may be sold at the event without prior written permission from Hunter’s Hill Council and Gladesville Police Licensing Division.
  • No offensive, counterfeit or unauthorised products may be sold.
  • No games of chance such as lotteries, lucky dips, guessing competitions, raffles and the like are to be conducted without the express prior written consent of the Council.
  • Any form of firecracker, silly string, gas bombs, and any other item deemed unsuitable will be prohibited from being sold or used at the Festival.
  • Vendors applying for a stall position who sell these forms of merchandise should be aware that their application will be denied. (Council Policy No. 12).
    On the day of the event, Council has the right to request that any items not deemed suitable for sale be withheld from public scrutiny and sale (this includes dangerous and/or banned items such as those mentioned above). Should the vendor refuse this request, the vendor will be asked to leave the premises and will take no further part in the Festival.
  • Balloons are also prohibited from the event as when released into the atmosphere they can travel long distances and often end up in waterways where they can be ingested by birdlife and marine animals. Hunter’s Hill Council and Moocooboola Festival try to set a good example by banning balloons from the event.


  • You MUST have your own public liability insurance of a minimum of $10 million broad-form coverage. Please attach a copy of your Certificate Of Currency (unincorporated groups please contact Hunter’s Hill Council)


  • Power is available if requested on the attached form and paid for. Only generators organised by the Festival are allowed on site.
    Please pay for, and indicate on your application, the number of 10 or 15amp outlets required. It is suggested that you consult an electrician to find out your correct power needs, based on your equipment. (E.g. some equipment such as deep fryers and urns will require a 15-amp outlet each)
  • Vendors should consult an electrician to confirm their power requirements based on their equipment. Overloading power outlets is seriously dangerous to yourself and others.
  • Vendors should have a 20m extension lead per outlet required to connect to distribution points. Power leads and extension cords must be unbroken and they must not lie across thoroughfares.
  • Faulty leads and electrical appliances that trip the power supply will be removed and you will be without power. Please ensure your leads and equipment have been recently tagged by an accredited electrician.


  • All stallholders are expected to abide by all safety regulations and requirements to ensure the Festival is a safe and OH&S compliant event.
    Electrical equipment must comply to Australian Safety Standards AS3760.
    Stallholders are to have all leads and equipment tagged in accordance with the statutory requirements, and are to ensure any leads are placed in such a manner so as not to create trip hazards or to present a hazard to the public through exhaust or heat. Electrical cables are to be heavy-duty construction standard and must have a circuit breaker.
  • Moocooboola Festival is not qualified to provide extension leads, a qualified electrician will be onsite in the morning to assist in connection with power outlets.

Health and Safety

  • This year a Food Health and Safety Inspector will be on duty from 10am. Infringement Penalties may be issued to Food Stall vendors who do not comply with Council and State Government requirements. Vendors are to consider Workplace Health and Safety as it applies to their business and staff and that of doing business at Moocooboola.
  • Please also read carefully the Terms and Conditions with particular attention to the Temporary Food Premise requirements.
  • Please ensure:
    • Potentially Hazardous Foods (e.g. Chicken and lamb) are transported, displayed and stored at or below 5˚C for cold foods and at or above 60˚C for hot foods. You have a thermometer on hand
    • BBQ’s and cooking facilities are out of reach of the general public
      BBQ’s and cooking facilities must have overhead and side coverings
      Sneeze Guards are in place (minimum: cling wrap shoulder height to prevent contamination)
    • Hand washing facilities are designated (warm, soap and paper towel drying)
      Disposable gloves required when handling ready to eat food.
    • Fire Extinguisher (Dry Chemical A:B (E) Class) is visible, placed away from food preparations and easily accessible.

Temporary Food Premise

  • A temporary food premise includes food vending vehicles and demountable stalls, located in open areas or within another structure, used for the purpose of selling any article of food and/or beverage.
  • Vendors selling food must comply with the NSW Food Authority guidelines, the National Code for Food Vending Vehicles and Temporary Food Premises and the requirements of the 2003 Food Act. All food stalls must meet the food regulations 2004 and Food Standards Code and any local Council Codes.
  • Certified Organic and/or conversion to Organic, can only be used on products that have been certified by either a Government Accredited certification body (such as AQIS in Australia); IFOAM, or ISO 65 with an organic component. Please maintain documentation to verify this status of certified organic or conversion to organic, and particularly if labelled as such. Vendors are to understand that unless their products are certified Organic, no reference should be made verbally or with signage to this claim. If you do comply to Organic certification, then please display your documents at your stall.
  • Any food vendor selling produce that is not certified organic or in conversion must display a standard sign, with no suggestions of misleading claims of their produce/goods being Organic.
  • Food Vendors are to register with the NSW Food Authority; if required appoint a qualified Food Supervisor; give appropriate warnings, if required on food labels; and give appropriate training to all staff.

Protection of Food

  • A one-day food stall must consist of a roof and three sides that are covered with canvas, plastic sheet, vinyl or other approved material.
    Food must be screened and shielded from dust etc.
  • All food on display must be covered, so as not to be openly be accessible by the public. A physical barrier must be provided, such as a display counter or Perspex glass sneeze guards.
  • Disposable (recyclable, compostable) eating and drinking utensils should be used at Moocooboola.
  • All food inside or behind the stall must be 750mm above the ground and in enclosed containers.
  • Food should be protected from damage and direct sunlight.
  • All condiments such as sauce, mustard etc must be contained in squeeze type dispensers – sugars, and salts are to be in sealed bulk containers – no individual sealed packs
  • Tea, coffee, cordial and other beverages must be sold in a lidded container which has a spout or straw and is made from recyclable or compostable materials.
  • All pre-packaged foodstuffs must be labeled in accordance with the provisions of the Food Act 2003.
  • Smoking is not permitted inside or at the rear of the food stall – Moocooboola is a non-smoking event).

Temperature Control

  • All food prepared in the stall must be for immediate sale and consumption unless a suitable food warmer or food display is provided. Hot food must be maintained at a temperature of at least 60˚C, and cold food below 5˚C.
  • Pre-prepared food products or pre-cooked food consisting wholly or in part of fresh cream, custard or any similar food, which promotes bacterial growth, shall not be sold unless stored under refrigerated conditions.
  • All raw food and perishable food such as steaks, hamburger patties and sausages shall be stored in a portable cooler together with an adequate supply of ice or a cooling medium and kept below 5 ˚C
  • Potentially hazardous food that promotes bacterial growth, such as chicken, seafood and rice must not be pre-cooked.


  • All heating and cooking equipment including cooking plates must be located within the stall and suitably protected from contamination.
  • Cooking and heating equipment must not be within reach of the public.
    The cooking area is to be kept free of dust borne contamination and droplet infection i.e. coughing, sneezing by the public.
  • Where cooking is carried out, adequate provisions must be provided to protect the stall walls and ceiling from heat flame and splashing.
  • Ensure that with all BBQs all residues are collected in drip trays and portable BBQs are elevated to prevent damage to any grassed areas.
  • A fire extinguisher of adequate size must be provided on site by the stallholder convenient to the area in which any open flame cooking is carried out.

Washing facilities

  • Separate hand washing facilities must be provided within the stall. Water is available on site.
  • Hand towels, soap and detergent must be present and available in each food stall.

Disposal of cooking oil and washing water

  • No cooking oil or wash water is to be disposed of down drains or gutters. Cooking oils to be taken from the site by the stallholder. (Environmental Legislation provides for on the spot fines of up to $1,500 for offenders).
  • All excess fluids, oils and oil containers MUST be taken off site by the stall holder and recycled correctly

Waste Management and Collection

  • Council will provide collection for recyclable materials and waste. All stallholders are required to dispose of packaging and food scraps in line with arrangements made by Council. Excess waste has to be removed from site.
  • A cleaning fee of $400 will be charged for any waste left behind on your site. Excess waste is to be taken away by you. The bins in the general access area on the Festival site are provided for the use of patrons only. Stallholders will be provided with access to a limited number of bins.